I like phenology club.

Posted on 06-09-2017 by Jomotshangkha Middle Secondary School | Sagar Mongar.

wow it is my pleasure to work under the phenology club.I get to know new things from this club.we daily punch the data but sometimes of electricity problem we dont get to punch the data,even sometimes because of storms and heavy rain trees fell down which damages the electricity and we dont get to punch the data.However we manage to punch all the data when the electricity is available.At the beginning when I joined this club for the first time I didnt knew anything about the botanical names of the trees and plants we have on our school campus.But after few months I learned botanical names of many plants.I joined this club in 2014 and still I am in this club for 3 years.I like this club because I get to know names of plants and I also get to observe it.I daily observe my plant .